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Ascension Gets A Facelift

A few days ago, the designing team gave Ascension: The Fire Orchid a new look and a new feel.

The owner of Ravenslightgames.com, 'Kieran Mobius' has returned after a few months of personal leave and has come back with fresh new ideas.

From everything to new spells to a re-write of how turns are done, Kieran has stated quite clearly he has plans for the next Age of Ascension. Many new features will be added and graphics will be more plentiful and, of course, there will be more enjoyment for everyone.

"I want to run a fair game," Kieran says. "And to do this, I even take a step back and listen to what the players want. If they want this in, I'll put it in. If they want it out, I'll take it out."

But he has not stopped work on the sequel to Ascension: The Fire Orchid. Ascension: Gates of Destiny is coming along quicker than expected with the added help of Aelsius and his tri-plane grid, a code that makes a 3-d map out of a 2-d plane.

All in all, Ravenslight Games has begun to return to its former glory and, apparently, will soon surpass it.

With four servers to choose from, from the Kambi (Newbie) server to the fast paced Spalos (Fast-paced) server, this game has everything to offer players.

Posted by Kieran on June 17.

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