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Deathmatch Tournament Winter 2005

Deathmatch tournament is the main event for GamesTotal.com (http://www.gamestotal.com) where players will be competing against each other within 2 hours in Space Federation: Unification Wars (http://uc.gamestotal.com). The game play is extremely fast compared to speed offered in other standard dedicated server for Unification Wars.

There will be a total of $1,577 Cash & Prizes to be won by up to 25 players!! Deathmatch will be open to any gamer to sign in, go to Deathmatch server (http://dm.gamestotal.com). The tournament will be begin on 4th October 2005 and the winners will be announced according to each match starting 4th October 2005. For more information on these Deathmatch Tournament please go to


Posted by Directory of Games on September 28.

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