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IGC 2005 Player's Choice Winners.

October 12, 2005 � Eugene, OR � GarageGames announced that TubeTwist, a 3D adventure puzzle game by 21-6 Productions, took home the top honors with the 2005 IndieGamesCon Player's Choice "Best-of-Show" award, sponsored by Microsoft Casual Games.

TubeTwist also easily won the "Best Single Player" award by a landslide which was evident by the number of computers that had TubeTwist on their monitors the entire weekend. The other two categories, "Best Multiplayer" and "Most Innovative", were won by Realm Wars 2 and Fa�ade respectively.

Complete Results:

IGC Players Choice: Best Multiplayer
First Place - Realm Wars 2 � (http://www.realmwarsgame.com/news.shtml)
Runner Up - Monster Island

IGC Players Choice: Best Single Player
First Place � TubeTwist � (http://www.tubetwist.com)
Runner Up - Robots Smackdown

IGC Players Choice: Most Innovative
First Place � Fa�ade � (http://www.interactivestory.net)
Runner Up - Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa

IGC Players Choice: BEST-OF-SHOW
First Place � TubeTwist � (http://www.tubetwist.com)
Runner Up - Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa

About GarageGames:
GarageGames mission is to change the way games are made and played. GarageGames provides the technology, community and market to empower game makers to build commercial quality multiplatform games. Known for bringing the Torque Game Engine to independent developers for $100, GarageGames is located in Eugene, Oregon and on the web at www.garagegames.com and is the annual presenter of IndieGamesCon (Oct. 7-9,2005).

About IndieGamesCon:
IndieGamesCon (IGC) is a fun, informal and informative gathering of independent game developers from around the world. IGC is designed to be a summit meeting of like-minded developers with the shared goal to focus on collaboration and building community. Along with sessions on game art, technology, tools and business. The event has a central ShowOFF center open to developers to play-test and showcase current prototypes, demos and newly released games.

Posted by Directory of Games on October 12.

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