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Bully renamed.

" Rockstar has told Eurogamer that controversial PS2 title Bully is getting a name change. From now on, the game will be known rather less catchily as Canis Canem Edit - Latin for Dog Eat Dog."

There's a lot of reasons why this is just an objectively terrible idea.

For one thing, you just know that the same swollen-tongued plebs who wander around pronouncing Deus Ex "Doo Sex" as if it were the title of a scatalogical porno aimed at toddlers are going to mangle Canis Canem Edit.

But the larger point is that implied capitulation to the whiners, complainers, politicians and professional, poofy coifed jackasses like Jack Thompson mollifies no one. In fact, Rockstar, it makes you look weak, open to further attacks.

But the most important point is that the name just plain sucks. Bulworth Academy would still have been a shameful retreat from the game's subject matter, but at least it sounds good.

Of course, the question is: is this name change only happening for the Euro release? Do they think the average European knows Latin? A little IM fingering on Eliza's part revealed that even her Rockstar guy was a bit confused as to whether or not the name change was just for Europe or applied to all of the states. That level of confusion within Rockstar's own echelon gives us hope that Rockstar knows the only way to market a game like this is to either be unapologetic about its subject matter... or not to release the game at all.

Posted by Ed. on September 01.

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