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Family Guy game interview.

Taken from, cunningly enough, Firing squad.

FiringSquad: How much input does Seth McFarlane and the rest of the TV show staff have over the game?

Melissa Miller: They were involved in the story from day 1. We went through many drafts, working with them until the story overview was complete. Then we began working with them on the cinema script as well as the ingame script to make sure every bit of VO in the game was true Family Guy humor. We also met regularly with them to show them how the game was coming and to get feedback on the ingame gags we were implementing.

FiringSquad: What can you tell us about the storyline for the game?

Melissa Miller: Well Stewie starts off, as you can expect, enacting a plan for world domination. His half-brother Bertram foils his plans but indicates he's got something up his sleeve. Stewie then spends the rest of the game trying to figure out what Bertram is up to and stop him.

Peter is holding a 5 day Mr. Belvedere Marathon on his cable channel PTV. The fighting between Stewie and Bertram ends up affecting Peter because it destroys his PTV satellite. The destroyed satellite lands on Peter and when he wakes up, he's under the delusion that Mr. Belvedere has kidnapped his family and is trying to take over the world. Peter then begins his quest to stop Mr. Belvedere and rescue his family.

Brian is mistakenly accused of impregnating Seabreeze (again!) and must spend the game trying to clear his name and find the real father.

FiringSquad: What can we expect in terms of the actual gameplay design for the Family Guy game?

Melissa Miller: The game is structured to be much like the show. Each character has their own storyline that dictates the type of gameplay each character has. It also constantly switches between each playable character much like the pacing of the show.

FiringSquad: What kinds of missions and quests can we expect in the game?

Melissa Miller: The quests are all tailored to fit in the storyline. For example - Stewie has followed Peter to Hospital after the satellite knocks him out. He does this because he needs to return to Peter's testicles to see if Bertram left any clues to his plan in his old lair. So Stewie must navigate the Hospital and collect parts to make his Shrink Ray work in order to enter Peter again.

FiringSquad: How do the playable characters in the game differ from each other in the game's context?

Melissa Miller: Stewie's gameplay features his gadgets that he is frequently building on the show. They are used to platform around his levels. Peter's gameplay takes advantage of his brute force and features Brawler gameplay with combos and special attacks. Brian is all about stealth in his levels as he tries to dodge the cops searching for him and find the father to Seabreeze's puppies.

FiringSquad: Will there be the non sequitor pop culture asides in the game as there are in the TV series?

Melissa Miller: Of course! It would not be a Family Guy game if we didn't include them!

FiringSquad: What other aspects of the game do you consider to be important?

Melissa Miller: Being able to work with the writers to make sure this game was as funny as it could be was so important. We were also thrilled to be able to work with the cast to be able to bring their hysterical performances to the game. I think no matter how funny the lines are written, its always taken to a whole other level when you have great comedic performances like the cast does for every episode.

FiringSquad: What is the current status of the game's progress and when will it be released?

Melissa Miller: We're finishing up our first party testing and will be out in Oct.

FiringSquad: Finally is there anything else you wish to say about the Family Guy game?

Melissa Miller: Its freakin' sweet!

Posted by Ed. on September 27.

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