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Directory of Games is a well established Browser Based MMORPG list available online. Feel free to look around and play one of our Browser Based MMORPG games today. Whether you're looking for a medieval time free text rpg or an assortment of Browser Based MMORPG games Directory of Games is here with the largest MMORPG list online. Feel free to browse around, and vote for your favorite Browser Based MMORPG.

Top Game Standings for March
Game Name Votes
TheNinja-RPG - [Details] 34,721 (43.86%)
MMA Tycoon - [Details] 5,774 (7.29%)
Star Wars Combine - [Details] 4,807 (6.07%)
Samurai Of Legend - [Details] 3,367 (4.25%)
Pokemon MMORPG Game PokemonPets Online - [Details] 2,944 (3.72%)
Bushtarion - [Details] 2,932 (3.70%)
Rocking Soccer - Football Manager Game - [Details] 2,392 (3.02%)
Eternal Duel - [Details] 2,314 (2.92%)
Pokemon - [Details] 2,164 (2.73%)
Galatium - Join for free today! - [Details] 2,008 (2.54%)
VoteTop 100
Total Votes: 79,156
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Shattered Dimensions

Gaming News
News Title
The Dead Rising Movie Is Now Available For Streaming Sat, 28 Mar 2015 07:00:00 +1100 -
Briefly: The trailer for Dead Rising: Watchtowerwas better than I expected, so I’m hoping the movie follows suit! If you’d like to get a head start on me, the Dead Rising movie is now available for streaming over at Crackle. More »
Modding Group Wins Over $200,000 In Official Arma 3 Contest Sat, 28 Mar 2015 06:00:00 +1100 -
Bohemia Interactive, developers of the Arma military FPS series, announced a modding contest, called Make Arma Not War, way back in December 2013. They offered modders a combined €500,000 ($695,000) in cash prizes in exchange for Arma 3 mod submissions in five different categories. Recently, they revealed the list of winners. More »
Anime Billboard Gets Fake Boobs Sat, 28 Mar 2015 05:00:00 +1100 -
Look, I’m not here to judge. People can do whatever they want with their bodies, er, billboards. More »
Dragon Ball Failure Meme In Collectable Form Sat, 28 Mar 2015 04:00:00 +1100 -
Now you can relive Yamcha‘s death over and over again with this upcoming collectible statue. Don’t forget the apple pie, though! Wait. What? More »
Plastic Boxes To Keep Your Amiibos Safe. Because, Amiibos. Sat, 28 Mar 2015 03:00:00 +1100 -
Were Amiibos ever truly designed as gameplay additions? You have to wonder. Surely Nintendo knew what would really happen: that hordes of video game nerds in their 20s and 30s would descend upon them like a horde of cashed-up locusts, buy all the good ones them keep them locked away forever. More »
The Worst Thing About This Wallpaper? Having To Cover It In Icons Fri, 27 Mar 2015 21:00:00 +1100 -
Dayshot: The worst thing about this wallpaper? Having to cover it in icons. Redditor wrathes took a couple months to draw a lineup of Team Fortress 2’s cast, in both Red and Blue flavours, recently presenting it in the form of a sweet 1080p wallpaper. More »
Cyborg Old Man Lays Some Smackdown In This Manga Fri, 27 Mar 2015 20:00:00 +1100 -
Because seeing a geriatric cyborg badass is kinda cathartic in a way. Inuyashiki is the latest manga from Hiroya Oku, the guy who created Gantz, a manga about people who are transported to a room with a giant black ball in it when they die so they can fight aliens with crazy future-tech weaponry. So, yeah, it’s got some weird stuff in it. More »
Fine Art: Everyone Needs Dinosaur BFFs Fri, 27 Mar 2015 19:00:00 +1100 -
Alex Konstad is an artist who has worked for companies like Games Workshop, Fantasy Flight, Sony Online Entertainment and Riot Games. More »
Portal On The 3DS Looks Great! Fri, 27 Mar 2015 17:30:53 +1100 -
Portal is a great video game, the 3DS is a great handheld. Surely it’s a match made in heaven? Turns out it sorta is! More »
Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Is Surprisingly Fun Fri, 27 Mar 2015 17:00:00 +1100 -
Today, Square Enix released a free-to-play Final Fantasy game for mobile devices, and perhaps for the first time ever, that’s not a bad thing. More »
Free Games Friday: Hero Sky Epic Guild Wars, Polyform, Agent RX Fri, 27 Mar 2015 16:15:39 +1100 -
The weekend’s almost here, so you have time to relax and check out a free game (or three) on your smartphone. Here are the highlights from the last week. More »
Lessons People Learnt From Resident Evil Fri, 27 Mar 2015 16:00:00 +1100 -
Resident Evil was released in 1996, and changed the gaming world. It also apparently taught a lot of people some interesting lessons. More »
Rockstar Games Will Address GTA V Graphics In Upcoming Update Fri, 27 Mar 2015 15:30:17 +1100 -
Have you noticed the visuals in Grand Theft Auto V have recently gotten worse on Xbox One and PlayStation 4? So has Rockstar Games. Fortunately, the company says it will address this in an upcoming patch. More »
App Deals: Discounted iOS iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone Apps Fri, 27 Mar 2015 15:15:42 +1100 -
Today’s best deals include Periscope on iOS, Syberia on Android and BRIEFR on Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick! More »
The Anime History You Don't Know Fri, 27 Mar 2015 15:00:00 +1100 -
You may think because you’ve logged impressive viewing hours, you know everything about anime. Sorry, you don’t. There’s more history to be discovered. More »
Tech Deals: 50% Off Selected Swann Security, Buy One Get One Free Ac... Fri, 27 Mar 2015 14:45:28 +1100 -
There are some incredible tech savings to talk about this week — from home security systems at 50 per cent off, to buy one get one free tablets and and the ultimate party sound system — there’s something for everyone, or everything for someone. More »
15 Tips For Complete Bloodborne Beginners Fri, 27 Mar 2015 14:45:18 +1100 -
Despite being a Souls veteran, I’m finding some sections of Bloodborne pretty difficult. I can’t imagine what it must be like for the large section of the population for whom Bloodborne is their first From Software game. A complete Souls newbie and need some tips? This video might be right up your alley. More »
Pokémon Battles Can Get Pretty Messed Up Fri, 27 Mar 2015 14:30:00 +1100 -
When you’re on a route or a patch of grass battling a wild Pokémon, encounters probably don’t seem like a big deal. At best, battles against easy enemies are experience fodder. At worst, they’re an annoyance. If you stop and think about what you’re really doing, however, things can get pretty dark! More »
RONIN Is Real-Time On The Streets, Turn-Based In The Sheets Fri, 27 Mar 2015 14:00:00 +1100 -
We’ll get this out of the way now: yes, RONIN owes a lot to Gunpoint, from its core design to its presentation. Now that we’re done with that, let’s move on and just talk about RONIN itself. More »
Darth Vader Now Has An Evil C-3PO And R2D2. I Like Them Already. Fri, 27 Mar 2015 13:30:28 +1100 -
The new Star Wars series starring the Dark Lord of the Sith is finding a lot of success in one small conceit: Darth Vader is a lot deeper than anyone thinks. More »