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Game Description
A free, medieval, empire building MMORPG. Browser based with bright visuals that explore the lighter side of fantasy gaming.

Brigand is a Flash and text based multiplayer and internet game. Brigand is set in Goria, a land of multiple warring factions. You must join a race for the never ending struggle for power over your rivals. Form factions, build armies and kingdoms as you strive for economic or military supremacy. Pioneer technologies such as Baseball Bats and give your Thugs the edge over your enemies' Champion as you customise and refine the ranks of your armies. Whatever you choose to do keep your enemies in mind, as you are never sure of what's around the corner in the land of Brigand.


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Game Details
Type:   RPG
Developed By:   Max, Simon and Ben
Platform:   All
Interface:   Text-based
Game Clock:   Turn-based
Launch Status:   Beta
System Requirements:Internet and Browser
Price Information
Trial Offered:   None
Software:   None
Membership Fees:   Free

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