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Directory of Games is a well established Browser Based MMORPG list available online. Feel free to look around and play one of our Browser Based MMORPG games today. Whether you're looking for a medieval time free text rpg or an assortment of Browser Based MMORPG games Directory of Games is here with the largest MMORPG list online. Feel free to browse around, and vote for your favorite Browser Based MMORPG.

Top Game Standings for December
Game Name Votes
TheNinja-RPG - [Details] 10,744 (38.57%)
Zapoco - [Details] 4,151 (14.90%)
MMA Tycoon - [Details] 2,815 (10.10%)
Samurai Of Legend - [Details] 1,785 (6.41%)
Rocking Soccer - Football Manager Game - [Details] 1,299 (4.66%)
Rocking Rackets - Tennis Manager - [Details] 1,281 (4.60%)
Space Merchant Realms - [Details] 754 (2.71%)
World of Dungeons - [Details] 670 (2.40%)
Eternal Duel - [Details] 654 (2.35%)
Galatium - Join for free today! - [Details] 555 (1.99%)
VoteTop 100
Total Votes: 27,859
Previous Months' Winners

December 2017 Winner

Rocking Rackets - Tennis Manager

November 2013 Winner


Featured Game

Criminal Syndicate

Gaming News
News Title
The State Of Nintendo 3DS In 2018 Tue, 11 Dec 2018 06:00:00 +1100 - At this time last year, I predicted that the ageing Nintendo 3DS would probably be sent to its grave after Christmas 2018. Recent events have caused me to reconsider. I am now here to argue that you should prepare for the Nintendo 3DS to stay alive for a couple more years at least—if you can truly call its fate “living.” More »
Big W Has A Cracking Sale Right Now Tue, 11 Dec 2018 05:00:05 +1100 - If you've been holding off before Christmas, but missed the Black Friday sales, never fear. More »
Red Dead Online Posse Drops In Tue, 11 Dec 2018 04:30:00 +1100 - Today Highlight Reel we have Battlefield V moments, headless cowboys, weird horses, and much more! More »
It's Been A Good Year For '90s Retro Shooters Tue, 11 Dec 2018 04:00:13 +1100 - In an age of analytics, where publishers looking for more ways to keep players engaged, legacies of the past have been discarded or stripped away. One such legacy that's still clinging to life is the art of the singleplayer FPS campaign, with the wide sweeping levels, full of secrets and monsters hidden behind corners, largely done with. Thankfully, 2018 has been very good about bringing that part of gaming back to life. More »
Portal Easter Egg In Counter-Strike Isn't Teasing A New Game, Valve ... Tue, 11 Dec 2018 03:30:00 +1100 - Christmas came early for Counter-Strike players in the form of a new battle royale mode with its own fun (albeit compact) map. Thanks to an Easter egg on that map, Portal fans think their Christmas might be coming, too. To this, Valve responded that no, there is no Santa Claus. More »
Epic's Game Store Is Already Locking Down Exclusives Tue, 11 Dec 2018 03:00:00 +1100 - Epic Games’ new store is not only taking the fight to Steam by giving developers a bigger cut of their games’ earnings—it’s locking down exclusive games, too. More »
Some Smash Ultimate Fighters Get Hurt Just By Trying To Swim Tue, 11 Dec 2018 02:30:00 +1100 - Starting with Super Smash Brothers: Brawl, if characters fell into bodies of water on certain stages, they had a few seconds to swim out before drowning. Being in the water doesn’t hurt, although if characters complete their drowning animation, they plummet to the bottom and die. In Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, that’s all still the case, except now, there are four characters who accrue damage just from being in the water, even if they get out before drowning: Charizard, Incineroar, Inkling, and Sonic. More »
People Keep Trying To Turn Tetris Into A Board Game Tue, 11 Dec 2018 02:00:02 +1100 - If there's a game that every board game designer wants to turn into cardboard, it would have to be the best-selling video game of all time: Tetris. More »
Red Dead Online Players Are Split Over Griefing Tue, 11 Dec 2018 01:30:00 +1100 - Red Dead Online is a slower and more relaxed game than GTA Online, but that doesn’t mean griefers and trolls haven’t found ways to ruin players’ days. How bad trolling is in Red Dead Online’s free roam is hard to say, with many different opinions and stories being currently shared in the community. Whether or not griefing is a widespread problem, many players who’ve experienced it have suggestions for what could be improved. More »
Super Smash Bros. Still Can't Get Online Right Tue, 11 Dec 2018 01:00:00 +1100 - Ten years after Nintendo released its first online Smash game, it still hasn’t gotten the online experience right. More »
What Was Your Favourite Game Of 2018? Tue, 11 Dec 2018 00:30:34 +1100 - Triple AAA games nailing the brief. Indie games surprising people out of nowhere, and expansions and patches that completely turn a game around. It's been a good year for games - now it's time for you to vote for your favourite. More »
Ashen Is A Dreamier Dark Souls Tue, 11 Dec 2018 00:00:00 +1100 - I’m a voracious Souls player. From multiple playthroughs of the Dark Souls trilogy to games like The Surge and Nioh, I can’t get enough of moody exploration and tough boss fights. Ashen, a new Souls-like published by Annapurna Interactive, released last week on the Epic store and Xbox One, and while it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, its small refinements have made for a memorable journey thus far. More »
Here's A Chunk Of Beyond Good And Evil 2 Gameplay Mon, 10 Dec 2018 23:45:11 +1100 - It's the 15th anniversary of Beyond Good and Evil, which is a nice time to get a look at some actual gameplay from Beyond Good and Evil 2. More »
The Original Panzer Dragoon Games Are Getting Remastered Mon, 10 Dec 2018 23:30:20 +1100 - Just before the clock ran out on Panzer Dragoon's 20th anniversary, there's some good news: the on-rails Sega Saturn classic is getting remastered, or "refreshed" as the official developers would like to call it. More »
$30 Off Two Solid Gaming Mice Mon, 10 Dec 2018 23:15:21 +1100 - Good gaming mice are worth their weight in gold. They usually cost a ton, unfortunately, but you can save $30 off two very decent offerings today. More »
The Internet Reacts To The Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Poster Mon, 10 Dec 2018 23:00:00 +1100 - The poster for the upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog movie had been released, and I just wanna say, “LMAO?” More »
Geralt Is Coming To Monster Hunter: World Mon, 10 Dec 2018 22:30:36 +1100 - It won't be released until early next year, but the White Wolf will be making his way into Capcom's New World. More »
John Romero Celebrates Doom's 25th Anniversary With Nine New Levels Mon, 10 Dec 2018 22:00:00 +1100 - The original Doom first came out 25 years ago, on December 10, 1993. To commemorate the cruel, unceasing passage of time, designer John Romero is revisiting his beloved demonspawn baby. More »
What A Video Game YouTuber Does All Day  Mon, 10 Dec 2018 21:00:00 +1100 - “Professional Vlogger” is a pretty new occupation. While watching the Smosh Games YouTube channel might seem like a bunch of friends having fun, we followed host and founding member Mari Takahashi to see how the team comes up with ideas, figures out what shows are working, and what happens during 8 hours of shooting. More »
Japanese Smash Bros. Players Show Palutena Doesn't Get Underwear Pr... Mon, 10 Dec 2018 20:00:00 +1100 - Back when Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS was launched, players quickly pointed out that the inside of Princess Peach’s skirt was cloaked in darkness. The same is true in the recently released Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but not for all characters. More »
Lookin' Sharp, Aloy Mon, 10 Dec 2018 19:00:00 +1100 - Luc de Haan is a character and concept artist at Guerrilla, the studio behind Horizon: Zero Dawn and Killzone. More »
Here's 14 Minutes Of The Outer Worlds Gameplay Mon, 10 Dec 2018 18:00:20 +1100 - The new game from Obsidian, the developers behind Fallout: New Vegas was announced at the Game Awards on Friday, where the reveal trailer for The Outer Worlds gained quite a lot of interest. Now, however, we've been treated to a nice little chunk of gameplay, showing what players can expect when they get their hands on Obsidian's No Man's Fallout. More »
Australian Streamer MrDeadMoth In Custody After Hitting His Wife On ... Mon, 10 Dec 2018 17:00:12 +1100 - The Twitch community was appalled when live on stream MrDeadMoth seemed to physically hit his (apparently pregnant) wife live on stream - all in front of their child. More »
Mario Goes Super Saiyan In This Smash Bros X Dragon Ball Mashup Mon, 10 Dec 2018 09:00:35 +1100 - What would Super Smash Bros. Ultimate look like as as a Dragon Ball Super style anime? Thanks to YouTuber Shiya Moegin, we don't have to wonder anymore: it's right here for you to watch. More »
Eight Years Later, Ni No Kuni's DS Version Is Now Playable In English Mon, 10 Dec 2018 08:00:00 +1100 - While Ni No Kuni was first released in the PS3 in 2011, it’s easy to forget that there was also an entirely different DS version of the game that was released in 2010. Mostly because that game was only ever available in Japan. More »