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Listing Your Game

Listing your game on Directory of Games is easy. First, click Become a Member and make an account. You will need to be logged into this account for each new game you add to Directory of Games.

Next, click Submit a Game. Fill in these details and you will in return receive a voting link. You should place this in a visible area inside your game. To optionally enable the SEO assist feature of DoG which changes our links to you to be direct, you should do the same for us and link from your homepage (as well as your existing ingame link). This will automatically enable the feature by the next day.

Thirdly and optionally, you can set up incentive voting for your game. To do this, login, then click Setup Incentive Voting and follow the instructions.

If you need any assistance, please feel free to email admin_AT_directoryofgames.com.