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Gaming News
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Game News Archive

News HeadlineDate Submitted
CrazyTennis, a brand new game for all tennis fans !May 12
First English SchoolWars game server starts on FridayOctober 14
Browser game SchoolWars now also available in EnglishOctober 1
New Multiplayer Battle SystemAugust 11
Astro Empires 3rd AnniversaryMay 29
Game AI ImprovementMarch 21
More than 1 million people signs up for the Age of Conan beta!May 13
Polish version of Age of Conan coming in second half of 2008Apr 24
Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures Goes GoldApr 22
Heads will roll as Age of Conan moves into Open BetaApr 17
Age of Conan gets ready for launchApr 16
Funcom, Eidos and GameSpot Reveal Unique Age of Conan PvP weekendApr 9
Guildwars 2 Q&A.April 09
Xbox 360 updates.April 09
Want to run Vista for 120 days, free?February 27
10 video games maxims.February 27
Got a PS3, and can't make it to the kitchen?February 27
Interview with Kane, from Red Alert and C&C3.February 17
WOW: Burning Crusade Interview.February 16
BF2142 Northern Strike interview.February 16
Halo 3 FAQFebruary 16
Articles on why RPG's waste time.February 16
13 quad core processors and 230k?February 09
Mac Spoofs.February 08
$100 fine for walking and gaming.February 08
GTA:VCS coming to PS2!February 08
Manhunt 2 trailer.February 07
Nintendo Phone?February 07
Half Life Episode 2 delayed again.February 07
Manhunt 2 announced for various consolesFebruary 06
Amazon selling Arcade machines.February 05
Jack Thompson faces losing license.February 05
Another Vista exploit possible.February 02
PS3 price cuts coming.February 01
Spore coming to DS?February 01
Porn Manager 2 Finally AnnouncedFebruary 01
Every Snes game currently worth $230,000.January 31
New candidate for moron of the year!January 31
No fix for Mario Kart 64.January 31
"No one will use 100% of PS3."December 19
Sony Exec forms own studio.December 19
Gears of War sells 2 million copies.December 18
I'm speechless.December 18
Nintendo to replace Wii straps for freeDecember 18
10 most dangerous toys of all time!December 18
HP buys Voodoo PC.November 01
Why Linux gaming sucks.November 01
Details on Halo 3 are released.October 30
All the ways to die in Nethack.October 30
Interesting article on XBox Live command center.October 30
Nintendo Profits Up 72% As DS SoarsOctober 27
Scrabble record beaten.October 27
F.E.A.R 360 goes gold.October 25
SGI sues ATI.October 25
Gears of War goes gold.October 25
Mod community finishing KOTOR.October 25
Interview with CliffyBOctober 25
ECA acquired GamePolitics.October 25
Jack Thompson to face contempt charges!October 24
Burning Crusade delayed until 07.October 24
UK import scene takes a blow.October 23
Bully's boy-on-boy scenes cause controversy.October 23
Halo film still on track.October 23
PS3 not to have user game stats.October 23
Bully banned by PC World and Currys.October 19
Interview with Kaz HiraiOctober 19
Wired create Second Life guide.October 19
Former CEO of DICE formes new studio.October 17
eBay pulls play on PS3 pre-sales.October 17
Games already filling BlueRay discs.October 17
PS3 to get exclusive GTA IV content also.October 17
Big media gets Second Life.October 17
Bully will be shipping, after all.October 16
Sony shares rebound.October 16
Intel Gorilla marketing.October 16
New E3 show announced.October 16
Happy Monday.October 16
Gamestop and EB detail Wii preorders.October 12
Drop outs play video games for big bucks.October 12
Fight Night Round 3, for PS3, will be December 12.October 11
NBA 2k7 to use Tilt TechnologyOctober 11
Google To Acquire YouTube for $1.65 Billion.October 09
Mod Chip Sellers Ordered to Pay $9M in Piracy CaseOctober 09
Study: 64% of online gamers women.October 09
Wii to run Linux.October 09
Dice Canada closes.October 04
Why old games stick.October 04
Sony stock slides, after bad PS3 demo's.October 04
MTV interview with Soprano's game creator.October 04
Atari closes doors on Shiny.October 03
Burger King releasing games.October 03
EA acquires DICE.October 03
How the Wii was born.October 03
Battlefield 2142 interview.October 02
Further information on Guitar Hero 2 for X360.October 02
HP aquires Voodoo PC's.October 02
Ubisoft Explains Splinter Cell ExclusivityOctober 02
Pardus "Goes Gold"October 02
Guitar Heros II coming to Xbox 360.September 29
PS2 controller has been nerfedSeptember 29
Reggie Fils-Aime to sell Wii when they're on sale.September 29
Family Guy game interview.September 27
Final Fantasy XI loses 3,300 players.September 27
Myth of the 40 hour game.September 26
Review of lack of Rumble functionality in PS3.September 26
Japanese game price increasesSeptember 25
Will Nintendo's Wii Strategy Score?September 21
Next GuitarHero game to be on NextGen Consoles.September 21
RedOctane(Guitar hero) sueing TheAntCommandosSeptember 20
Xbox 360 upgrading to 1080p.September 20
Americas Army ingame protests.September 18
Wii to be region free, after all.September 18
Wii to be Region-free.September 14
XFire not full PlayStation Online System.September 13
Sony 'Answer' to XBL announced.September 12
Final PS3 Assembly to Start End of SeptemberSeptember 12
PS3 delayed until March 2007September 06
PS3 not to include HDMI cable.September 05
Madden draws $100 million in first week.September 04
Guitar Heros 2 track listing.September 04
Bully renamed.September 01
More updates about 3D-Realms.September 01
Take-Two issues revenue warnings.September 01
3D Realms sees major employee's depart.August 31
PS3 production started.August 31
PS3 down spec'd. August 30
SimCity Classic free to play!!August 29
Burnout 5 coming in 2007.August 29
Penny Arcade releasing video game.August 28
Jack Thompson law blocked.August 28
Folding@Home released for PS3August 25
Guitar Hero 2 set for November release.August 22
Molyneux: This is NOT Fable 2August 22
Halo 3 to play like Halo 1.August 22
PS2 released in pink in Europe.August 21
EA's evasive collection policy, over XBL.August 21
PS3 production not started yet.August 21
Gamestop delays pre-orders for Wii and PS3.August 18
Jack Thompson follows through with threat.August 17
Another Tomb Raider film possible.August 17
Jack is back, to beat on Bully.August 16
Billionaire buys Take Two stock.August 16
New 360 rumours.August 16
Nintendo to make online play for Wii free.August 15
Microsoft To Enable User-Created Xbox 360 GamesAugust 14
Cost of Guitar Hero company purchase.August 11
Capcom puts cards on table.August 11
Sony struggles to define PSPAugust 10
Microsoft shows off HD-DVD for Xbox 360.August 10
Don't write off Sony.August 07
Microsoft and Nintendo sued over controller.August 07
PS3 fully backwards compatable.August 04
More updates on future of E3August 01
E3 being downsized.July 31
Pacman 64% violent?July 28
Bushtarion - A new age, A new round.July 26
Florida men convicted of Xbox killings.July 26
Microsoft aiming to ship 13-15 Million 360's. July 25
Hot Coffee Scandal finally over.July 24
AMD has purchased ATI for a whopping $5.4 billion:July 24
Jack Thompson banned from Federal case.July 21
Opera being released for DS.July 20
Internet Gambling CEO arrested.July 19
New Final Fantasy game in the works?July 18
THQ president praises WiiJuly 17
Microsoft portable dubbed "Zune," won't game?July 13
Remembering Alan Kotok.July 13
All-in-one next gen console?July 12
DS claims EU dominenceJuly 11
Hellgate: London code possibly stolen.July 11
Microsoft names iPod competitor.July 11
Halo 2 headset price cut, for charity.July 10
Xbox 360 with HDMI port seen.July 10
Jeff Minter critical of Sony.July 07
Microsoft working on handheld player.July 07
Sony defends 'Racist' advert.July 06
Portable Xbox?July 05
Could PS3 Complexity Spell Production Problems?July 05
Ubisoft: PS3 price must dropJuly 04
Women leading mobile gaming.June 30
PS3 games may be increasing in price.June 30
Casual gamers not so casual!June 30
Take Two Investigated by New York Grand JuryJune 29
Australia offers reasoning behind Reservior Dogs.June 28
Being scared in Video Games is neededJune 28
Sony CEO: Price of PS3 is high.June 26
Sony Boss: PS3 is future proof.June 26
First info for Need For Speed: Carbon.June 23
New innovations for Sony?June 23
"Sony: We don't need GTA, we're Sony!"June 22
EA to acquire Mythic Entertainment.June 22
"If Wii doesn't outsell Gamecube, we've failed".June 21
Fully watercooled Xbox 360June 21
Simpler controller planned for Xbox 360?June 20
Rise and Fall of Sega.June 20
GTAIV will use RAGE engine.June 19
Gates stepping down from leading Microsoft.June 16
Blizzard NOT becoming MMO only.June 15
$2.32 million worth of black DS Lite's stolen.June 15
3D Realms has no plans to rush Duke Nukem.June 14
Duke Nukem released Dec 31st?June 12
Top developers slam PS3 "Broken" claims.June 12
City of Heroes and City of Villains expansion.June 09
Turbine and IGN make a deal.June 09
State of Minnesota sued by gaming industry.June 07
Warhammer trying at Europe. Again.June 07
Curt Schilling added to Ever Quest 2.June 07
Battlefront.com releases 1848June 07
Video games seized in relation to murder.June 06
Halo 3 documentaryJune 05
Sony Cell Processor broken?June 05
Jack Thompson's Game Bill Moves ForwardJune 02
Duke Nukem developer leaves.June 02
Ankama announces public-Beta of Dofus-Arena.June 01
Funcom and Conan Inc. extends agreement up to 2023June 01
New Patch for Star Wars: Empire at War.May 28
Fallen Earth announced.May 28
Shields-up seeks public BETA testers.May 27
Bang! Howdy opens public BETA.May 27
Base version PS3 to have wired controllers.May 17
Droid Arena Offers Free SeasonMay 10
�Age of Conan� a showcase game for Windows VistaMay 10
1483 Online Enters Beta Testing,May 10
Eternal Duel's 2nd Birthday - Celebration WeekMay 10
Viacom buys Xfire for $102 Million.April 27
Nintendo changing "Revolution" name,April 27
No PS3 pre-orders?April 19
Shot-Online Tournament Winners.February 22
Shot-Online Tournament kicks off tomorrow.February 16
The Utopian Genesis restarts on Thursday!February 14
Skill Extreme Seeking Beta Testers.February 10
Shot-Online Professional Tournament Launching.February 07
EVE Online reaches 100,000 Subscribers.February 07
Lands of Hope Quests Galore.February 06
Absolute III New RoundFebruary 05
EA cuts staff by 5 percent.February 02
Computer Games Magazine Gets Digital Version.February 02
Beta phase for Seed announced.February 01
Age of Empires III Goes PlatinumFebruary 01
Lunatix Online Now Open To Free MembersFebruary 01
Funcom Brings SpeedTree�RT Into Age of ConanJanuary 10
EA back on top.January 04
Smiling Gator Production closes doors.January 04
Bandai and Namco merge in North America.January 04
Funcom listed on Oslo Stock Exchange.December 14
The Utopian Stand-off is here.December 01
Activision Acquires Spider-Man til 2017.November 30
DS Burnout Legends crashes into stores.November 30
Gothic II Gold, Gothic III NA Rights SetNovember 30
Reports of Xbox 360 bugs, crashes, and errors.November 29
Nintendo registers new patent.November 29
Xbox 360 European Allocation confirmed.November 28
GameStop President back to 7-Eleven.November 28
N-Gage "not a success".November 26
Absolute III Official round 1 Sign-up openNovember 24
Prince of Persia The Two Thrones Goes GoldNovember 24
Isolated Xbox 360 Glitch.November 24
Xbox 360 Australian Launch Date.November 22
Sony Online Entertainment Launches New PSP WebsiteNovember 22
Battle Field 2 Expansion Ships.November 22
Xbox360 available at midnight!November 21
HaloDreams acquires Ascension: The Fire OrchidNovember 21
EVE Online: Red Moon Rising - Updates.November 18
TOTALGAMING.NET Expanded with BS Hacker Replay.November 18
New Age of Conan � Hyborian Adventures Trailer.November 18
Otronicon Gaming & Simulation Event Announced.November 17
Peter Jackson's King Kong Ships.November 17
Activision signs deal with DreamWorks.November 17
PvP Experience Gains Added to Shadowbane.November 17
Massive Assault Network 2 Announced by Wargaming.November 16
Gamehouse/Real Games now on TOTALGAMING.NETNovember 16
Mobile Division Added to Capcom.November 15
Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire Ships for PSP.November 15
Three new Xbox360 games ship!November 15
Horizons Acquires Famed Fantasy Author.November 13
Space Hack Lands on TotalGaming.netNovember 10
Bustarion: Round 16November 10
The Story Behind Kameo: Elements of Power RevealedNovember 09
RollerCoaster Tycoon Creator Suing Atari.November 08
Konami Ships Odd Couple.November 08
Funcom to List in Oslo Stock Exchange.November 06
Merchant Empires: Price of Power Passes 5,000.November 06
Tornadia Wars Enters Second Beta.November 06
New Dungeons on Lands of Hope.November 03
Beta Signups Open for RF Online.November 02
Trials of Atlantis Upgraded for FreeNovember 02
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Delayed.November 01
Capcom releases Without Warning.November 01
v0.7 ReleaseOctober 23
Nvidia to bundle Call of Duty 2 with GPUsOctober 20
Combat Elite: WWII Paratroopers goes gold.October 20
Canadian Arcadia Games Festival Outlined.October 19
Civilizations 4 goes gold!October 19
Important Lands of Hope ChangesOctober 19
Xbox Live Arcade on Xbox 360October 14
Surrogate Interactive Announces BrutalOctober 12
IGC 2005 Player's Choice Winners.October 12
Potential Virus for DS Owners.October 12
US Navy Seals ShipsOctober 11
EyeToy: Operation Spy Confirmed for US.October 11
ESA to sue the State of California.October 11
Utopia: The Age of Unity begins this week!October 10
Zoo Tycoon 2: Endangered Species Goes Gold.October 10
Casting Call for Virtual ActorsOctober 10
New California Bill: Governator Hurting Gamers?October 08
Wolfenstein Confirmed for the Xbox 360.October 07
Absolute III - Open for beta round.October 07
Latest News on Xbox 360 and Halo Movie.October 04
First Start Online 2 Released.October 01
Ninth map for Lands of Hope Released.October 01
Three Earth: 2025 games restart!October 01
Deathmatch Tournament Winter 2005September 28
Ubisoft announces Prince of Persia for PSP.September 27
Serious Sam 2 goes gold.September 27
GDC and IGN Partner for Game Developement Seminar.September 27
Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood goes gold.September 16
Konami/Capcom merger possible.September 16
Microsoft and Time Warner Talking.September 16
Nintendo Revolution Controller RevealedSeptember 16
Early Registration Closing for IGC 2005.September 15
ESA Suing Michigan LawSeptember 15
Bizarre and Sega form relationship.September 15
Xbox 360 Launch Dates Announced!September 15
Bone Demo Released.September 15
Community.September 14
10th EverQuest Expansion Launches.September 14
Official Zoo Tycoon 2: Endangered Species Web SiteSeptember 14
Sony Game Development Studios Merge.September 14
New Epic Armor Quests for Dark Age of Camelot.September 13
Free offer on Anarchy Online extended into 2007.September 13
Brand New Game - Tornadia WarsSeptember 01
Funcom receives �5 million in financing.August 29
Restart of the Trainingsground at Domesty - Aug 24August 22
Lands of Hope - Adds 2 New RealmsAugust 22
Fable: The Lost Chapters goes gold!August 22
Date Set for Dark Age of Camelot Gathering.August 15
StarGate SG-1 still alive!August 12
The unseen treasures of Midway.August 12
Earth: 2025 Express VI comes this weekend!July 27
Tiny Warz Open BetaJuly 27
Early Release of Lands of Hope.July 27
New Domesty Age Starts Wednesday, 20th July!July 19
Lands of Hope -- Release Date SetJuly 17
Grand OpeningJuly 06
Utopia: The Age of War begins this week!July 03
Lands of Hope - Open Beta July 01
Four Earth: 2025 games restart!June 30
Beta 5 RoundJune 28
iQ 2.0 Released by Vicon.June 28
APB Hits X-Box 360 in 2008.June 28
NeHe Productions Acquired by GameDev.netJune 28
PSP Importer loses case against Sony.June 27
Contest Announced by Joint Chiefs Online.June 27
Independent Games Festival (IGF) Submissions OpenJune 27
Win $10,000.00 with Medal of Honor!June 27
Castle Marrach Comic Released by Skotos.June 21
Dragonshard delayed, Ghost Recon 3 re-named?June 21
Sony deal results in 80 workers laid off.June 21
10 Million Xbox 360s in first year. (Moore)June 21
The slow fall of Atari.June 18
DC Heroesentering world of online games.June 18
Ascension Gets A FaceliftJune 17
Game Directory Owners Notice - DroidArena.NETJune 15
Deployment of a new mobile mmog.June 11
Bane of Sin Relaunched!June 10
Chrome SpecForce goes gold.June 09
Sony to Allow Porn on the Playstation Portable.June 09
Game Rights from Infrogames re-acquired by Hasbro.June 09
Multiple Updates for Guild Wars.June 09
New Expansion - The Saga of Ryzom.June 08
Potential X360 Shortages in the UK.June 08
Capcom considers legal actions against age ban!June 08
500k copies of Resident Evil 4 Sold!June 08
CEO for Atari Resigns.June 08
New game unveiled by Offset.June 07
Battlegrounds for World of Warcraft� Launched!June 07
Earth: 2025 Express V comes this weekend!June 07
Two Earth: 2025 games restart!June 01
New Round in Imperial ConflictMay 28
MechG-5 Pre-registration Open!May 06
Earth: 2025 Express IV comes this weekend!April 21
Jade Empire Hits North AmericaApril 12
Tinywarz Begins Beta Sign-ups.April 11
The Age of Intrigue begins this week!April 05
Quirp Story Open Pre-Registration!April 04
BioWare's Epic Martial Arts Masterpiece Goes GoldApril 01
Legends of Elveron New RoundMarch 31
Three Earth: 2025 games restart!March 31
New Happenings at The Five PillarsMarch 30
Gate 88 Stability Patch ReleasedMarch 22
Earth: 2025 Express comes this weekend!February 09
SOE Ships Champions: Return to Arms(tm)February 08
First Ever X-box Live Latin "Game with Fame" EventFebruary 08
New serverFebruary 04
Utopian Genesis Restarts Thursday!February 01
Tremendous Success for Anarchy Online.January 14
X-Kings Starts First Official GameJanuary 10
CM added to DoGJanuary 06
Age of Empires III Announced for 2005 ReleaseJanuary 05
New Town Wars at MarcolandJanuary 04
New town warsJanuary 04
Swirve Game Updates for JanuaryJanuary 01
Anarchy Online switches to no subscription fees.December 15
Solar Empires Round XIDecember 10
New round of The Five PillarsDecember 08
Archspace Exits Beta - Season Begins 4th DecemberNovember 30
Full Release of Bane of Sin.November 27
RE-OPEN!November 18
Chaos Games Draw! Win $250+!November 14
Game ResetNovember 13
Closed-Beta Launch Update.November 10
Bane of Sin Closed Beta Launch.November 08
EverQuest II hits North American Retail Stores.November 08
Guild Wars World Preview a Success.November 05
NCsoft Releases Q3 2004 Results.November 05
Cedega Time Limited Demo Announced by TransGaming.November 04
Blizzard Announces World of Warcraft Launch DateNovember 04
Warshire RestartedNovember 04
DS: Regarding the server.October 31
Bane of Sin: Closed BetaOctober 31
Forlorn Hope: Online: November UpdatesOctober 31
SOE Introduces Station PlayersOctober 29
FFVII Advert Children Screening Resounding SuccessOctober 27
SOE: New Vice President of WorldWide Marketing.October 27
Rise of Nations Gold Edition Available!October 27
Enlight and American McGee Fully Launch Scrapland!October 26
World Preview of Guild Wars!October 26
DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil Expansion Announced.October 25
November 8 Shipping of EverQuest II.October 25
DroidArena - Evolution; New Season!October 24
Mogloween starts soon at www.battleon.com!October 22
Arctic Light Enrolled by Time of DefianceOctober 17
New Town Building addedOctober 12
Full version of Anarchy Online for free!October 11
RecruitingOctober 11
Indie Games Conference Sponsored by Infinium Labs.October 06
FreeKick Launches New Match Engine!October 03
Forlorn Hope - Update for OctoberOctober 02
Funcom comes to OsloLAN 2004.September 29
Gate 88 Update Released!September 29
Culture-Oriented Expansions for Ragnarok Online.September 28
Army Nation goes Full Launch!September 22
Gate 88 Open BetaSeptember 13
Alpha Phase 1September 12
Age Two of Ascension: The Fire Orchid Begins!September 08
New stuffSeptember 03
Women's Game Conference 1 Week Away!September 1
Forlorn Hope Online's 2 New ProfessionsAugust 31
Anarchy Online Launches!August 31
Anarchy Online � Alien Invasion Gone GoldAugust 10
PurePimps Chatroom Issues ResolvedAugust 06
Valencia Arrives in Battleon!August 04
Season 12 AnnouncementJuly 30
Pet Redesigns!July 24
Mech Crusaders hits 8,000 Active Players!July 15
Virtual Online WrestlingJuly 2