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Game Description
The pet simulation www.wauies.com comes with a free license to cuddle for all browsergame fans: Adopt your own cute little puppy, raise and train it.

When logging in, you can decide between three puppies: A Golden Retriever, an Australian Shepherd or a mongrel. After having adopted your new four-legged family member, it’s up to you to raise and train it. Take a trip downtown to buy some toys for your dog’s entertainment. A stick, a brush, a leash to take your Wauie out walking – there’s lots to choose from and you may easily find yourself with full shopping-bags and an empty purse at the end of your shopping spree.

What to do first – Stroke or brush your Wauie, take it for a walk or make it catch the stick? That doesn’t matter; your Wauie enjoys being stroked as much as being taken out for a walk. Thanks to flash technology, you will even be able to stroke, brush and exercise your dog by yourself! And your puppy will thank you for all the attention by showering you with sympathy points. These are important, for the more the Wauie enjoys being around its mistress or master, the easier it will be to train it.

So if you want your Wauie to succeed at the local dog competition and be awarded prize money and points by the jury, make sure to always stay on its good side. But honestly, who wouldn’t love to take care of such a cute puppy?


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Game Details
Type:   Virtual Pet Game
Developed By:   
Platform:   All
Interface:   3D
Game Clock:   Real-time
Launch Status:   Full Launch
System Requirements:Current Browser (Firefox 3, IE 7, etc.), Flash Plugin
Price Information
Trial Offered:   None
Software:   None
Membership Fees:   Free

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