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Game Description
The free browser game SchoolWars simulates the daily life of a student.

Get friends that bring you more reputation and power. Do jobs and earn money for better items like cool clothes. Found a gang or become part of a gang to make sure, that the life at your school is as you want it. Compete in competitions with other players and complete missions. Travel alone or with your whole troop to other cities. Become the authority at your school!

The browser game SchoolWars started 2003 in German. In October 2009 it will start its first English game server.


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Game Details
Type:   Other
Developed By:   
Platform:   All
Interface:   Text-based
Game Clock:   Real-time
Launch Status:   Mid-Launch
System Requirements:Internet browser
Price Information
Trial Offered:   None
Software:   None
Membership Fees:   Free

   Browser game SchoolWars now also available in English - Written by Tobias Eckert on October 1.
   First English SchoolWars game server starts on Friday - Written by Tobias Eckert on October 14.

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