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Interplanetary Golf League

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Game Description
Imagine the possibilites of golf on other worlds: different terrain, different atmosphere, different gravity. Imagine hitting 800 yard drives in these otherworldly conditions. Just watch out for the liquid methane hazards on Titan and the craters on the moon. It's the game we love, but with a new twist. With Interplanetary Golf League, you can try the game on Earth, the Moon, Mars, Titan and Callisto. The differences in gravity, and the resulting differences in ball flight, are obvious and realistic.


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Game Details
Type:   Sports
Developed By:   
Platform:   Windows
Interface:   2D
Game Clock:   Turn-based
Launch Status:   Full Launch
System Requirements:Windows
Price Information
Trial Offered:   Shareware
Software:   $3.99 to register
Membership Fees:   Free

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