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Game Description
The year is 3,000. The past thousand years have been gruesome. In the early 2,000's, a corrupt engineer named Claude Balehart made numerous evil robots who were programmed to kill all humans and rule the future of our world. From destroying buildings, to blowing up power plants, these robots were weapons of mass destruction. But recently, tides have turned.

Through tragic battles over lives, resources, and many other things, a group of militia men and rookie scientists were able to create one good-hearted robot. That robot was programmed to comb the universe, searching for peices of scrap metal, computer chips, and other items useful and necessary for multiplying. That robot - the world's savior - was named KemixX.

After 800 years of multiplying, the good robots were able to construct a base for themselves. They named it after their great leader - KemixX. They continued to fight off the evil robots, but they were always outnumbered. Today, KemixX and his followers are still fabricating new robots who train against their colleagues in order to get stronger - always prepared for another battle. Each robot has his or her own profession - be it mining ore in space, ruthlessly battling to grow stronger, or merely enjoying other players' company.


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Game Details
Type:   RPG
Developed By:   Ben Harrison
Platform:   All
Interface:   Text-based
Game Clock:   Real-time
Launch Status:   Beta
System Requirements:Internet and Browser
Price Information
Trial Offered:   None
Software:   None
Membership Fees:   Free

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