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Creature Breeder

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Game Description
Creature Breeder is a free, online breeding game where you can breed unique pets and design beautiful farms!

In Creature Breeder your breeds will be truly unique. Every creature has markings and traits inherited from their parents, just like in nature. Think of each creature as a visual representation of their genes. With selective breeding you can envision your ideal pets and start breeding towards that goal.

While you wait for your eggs to hatch you can design a farm with our accessories. We don't place limitations on you as a designer. You have the freedom to place as many items as you want, anywhere in your farm.

Invent new breeds, sell them, and make friends within the helpful community at Creature Breeder!


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Game Details
Type:   Virtual Pet Game
Developed By:   
Platform:   All
Interface:   2D
Game Clock:   Real-time
Launch Status:   Full Launch
System Requirements:Internet Browser
Price Information
Trial Offered:   None
Software:   None
Membership Fees:   Free

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