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Game Description
TinyWarz is a massively multiplayer, turn-based, strategy-game where players battle each other and computer controlled bandits on distant worlds for fortune and fame. Time is an important factor in TinyWarz - players are given a limited amount of time to finish their turns and are rewarded for early completion. In Tinywarz, you can create an army, construct / customize units, assign crews, design bases, and battle to control planets. Watch your hired crews improve in combat and select special abilities for your command crew as they gain experience. Grow your army with salvaged units or buy them from other players through the in game market.


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Game Details
Type:   Strategy
Developed By:   MobRule Studios
Platform:   All
Interface:   Browser
Game Clock:   Real-time
Launch Status:   Beta
System Requirements:Internet and Browser
Price Information
Trial Offered:   None
Software:   None
Membership Fees:   Free

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   TinyWarz - Written by Anonymous on November 30, 2005.