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Kosmor - Forces of the Galaxies

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Game Description
In the year 3500... We are located in the Kosmor universe - a spiral galaxy covering an expanse of over 30.000 lightyears. You are the commander of a warplanet equipped with an interstellar drive system with an immense power output. And - you are currently building your own empire! Your house stands among the most ambitious forces in this quadrant of the galaxy.

* Conquer distant solar systems...

* Use your warplanet as a mobile base of operations...

* Conduct strategic negotiations with members of your house...

* Mine precious raw materials and set up factories to manufacture technologically advanced products.

* Trade goods and make a profit in the intergalactic marketplace...

* Configure your ships to build your own fleet...

* Assign missions, buy solar systems and strengthen your empire...

* Use hierarchical command structures, ascend in your galactic rank and achieve eminence:

Be the most powerful imperator of the galaxy!


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Game Details
Type:   Strategy
Developed By:   knoblach technologies GmbH
Platform:   All
Interface:   Browser
Game Clock:   Turn-based
Launch Status:   Full Launch
System Requirements:Internet and Browser
Price Information
Trial Offered:   Unlimited
Software:   None
Membership Fees:   Free
   Optional $25.00 per year.

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