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Valencia Arrives in Battleon!

This has been a historic week for AdventureQuest! Here at www.battleon.com, we have just had our first ever visit from the rare item hunter Valencia! She gave us a sneak peak at the new Ultra Guardian Armor which will be the first customizable armor in the game! She also is the only known holder of the secret of how to make the first levelable weapon in the game as well. Even at level 1, the Blade of Awe is an inspiring sight as it calls Powerword Die down upon your enemy. Although there is only a rare chance of that happening, the blades other awesome specials make up for the rarity with mana and health draining, and two different three hit specials. It also has the power to call our most powerful ally, the Guardian Dragon! Even non-guardians were able to benefit from Valencia's visit, as she knew the secret to obtaining guardian only passes for travel and was giving them away (nearly) for free to non-guardians! How? You'll have to ask her about it. If you miss Valencia, she'll be back in town next Tuesday, ready to do it all again! I took a screenshot of my own character with the Blade of Awe and the new customizable Guardian Armor and posted it here http://www.boomspeed.com/smbdoll44/GuardianBoA.jpg for all to see!

Posted by smbdoll on August 04.

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