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Bane of Sin Relaunched!

VantageGaming.net has teamed up with Shadowcore to bring Bane of Sin back online, and we will be working together to expand and improve it!

Prepare to enter a realm filled with chaos and death as you attempt to acheive greatness by conquering the other vampires in this world. Spawn your army of Scions and Mradu, drain blood from human slaves, and steal coins when you can. Do you have what it takes to be the greatest vampire in existence?

Bane of Sin is a round-based game, offering cash prizes to the winners of each round! Rounds typically last 4 weeks, with prizes for the top 8 and the first place at $40, though we are looking at increasing the prizes, and making them available to more top players, in future rounds.

So for a chance to have a run for the prizes, or just to enjoy a great turns-based Vampire game, check out Bane of Sin now!

Posted by Directory of Games on June 10.

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