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Deployment of a new mobile mmog.

Moscow � Nikita and MegaFon announce the commercial deployment of the CITY title. The number of users of the Russian mobile entertainment industry project is on the rise. The new MMO service for mobile users, based on the Java platform, keeps on developing.

Since the moment it was put into service, CITY has gathered multiple users of all ages in its streets. One of the particular features about the game, the organisation of communities by territory, allows everyone to find in the virtual world exactly what they need. There are several cities in the project's universe. Their size depends on the number of users and the number of buildings in these cities depends on the diversity of players' interests.

The CITY project is a massive multiplayer online game. It helps users with Java and GPRS supported mobile phones to communicate with each other on any level. Game territory includes more than 40 cities, situated on the geographical principle, at the moment. The CITY inhabitant is able to get registered in any location.

The broad range of Java platform features allow players to live and communicate in the CITY universe without any limitations or the need to pay this service. Available to users are a chat, a forum, message exchange, movement in the virtual world, link and photo exchange, numerous structures and rooms, and more.

Nikita Company

Nikita is the leading Russian supplier of computer games and mobile services and Russia's first game company. The company's main activities are:
- development of computer games
- localization of games for Russian users
- development of value added entertainment services based on MMS, WAP, GPRS, SMS, and J2ME technologies and their provision to subscribers of mobile operators
- publication of SMS-Life, an interactive magazine for young people.
Nikita aims at development and services based on state-of-the-art technology and platforms.

MegaFon Company

MegaFon is the first nationwide GSM 900/1800 operator in Russia. The network coverage of MegaFon and its wholly-owned subsidiaries embraces the entire Russian Federation with its population of 145 million. MegaFon builds its business on the principles of maximum user satisfaction, fair competition and information transparency. MegaFon uses advanced technologies providing subscribers with new opportunities of communication and work with information. Its range of quality mobile services unique on the Russian telecoms market is aimed at both mass consumers and corporate clients.

Posted by Directory of Games on June 11.

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