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Win $10,000.00 with Medal of Honor!

Did you find the code in Medal of Honor: European Assault? It's worth 10,000 dollars.

We just got word today that no one has cracked the code for the "Crack the Code 10,000 Challenge" for Medal of Honor: European Assault. You have until July 4th to be the first to finish the Medal of Honor European Assault game in Hero (most difficult) mode, conquer the German machine, unlock a top-secret code from German intelligence, and report it back to Medal of Honor command at http://www.hypemakers.net/mohea/go.php?v=tl&adv=3250. If you crack the code, you will win $10,000! Find hints and tips at the official EA Medal of Honor European assault forums!

Posted by Directory of Games on June 27.

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