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Contest Announced by Joint Chiefs Online.

KIRKLAND, WA � June 27, 2005 -- Joint Chiefs Online naval warfare MMO is sponsoring its first annual Fourth of July �Fleet Fireworks� contest. On July 4, 2005, players will go fleet-to-fleet in a clash between U.S. naval forces and the North Korean navy for control over the Sea of Japan. Contest winners for the �red� and �blue� forces will receive navy flight jackets. Fleet Fireworks kicks off a series of bi-monthly contests that will allow players to vie for naval supremacy in hot spots such as Libya, Norway, the Persian Gulf and the Straits of Taiwan. Joint Chiefs Online is available for download and three-day free trial at www.jointchiefsonline.com. Players can participate in Fleet Fireworks using their trial account.

Fleet Fireworks will pit players against the opposing fleet in order to control key sectors in the Sea of Japan. Players, who serve at various sensor and weapon stations aboard North Korean (red) and U.S. Navy (blue) warships, choose to become radar, sonar or electronic warfare operators at the enlisted level or Tactical Action Officers (TAOs) or Captains at the commissioned officer level. Joint Chiefs Online accurately models the sensor and weapon platforms for red and blue navies, immersing players in the gut-tightening experiences of modern-day naval warfare.

�Joint Chiefs Online is so accurate that players experience modern naval warfare in a way they could not likely get short of actual combat,� said James Jones, CEO, Intrepid Technologies. �Players also gain an appreciation of the skills, technologies and dedication of the servicemen and women of today�s navies.�

Joint Chiefs Online�, the first modern-day naval warfare role-playing game for the massive multiplayer online (MMO) marketplace. Joint Chiefs Online immerses players in surface naval warfare combat within a panoramic 3D world complete with modern surface ships, submarines, aircraft, and missiles. Joint Chiefs Online is one of the only MMO games featuring built-in, real-time voice conversation among players. The Joint Chiefs Online team is working with the United States Navy and the Department of Defense to ensure the game�s realism. Joint Chiefs Online brings the danger of surface warfare combat to life through riveting action against both computer-generated enemies and other players. Future offerings in the Joint Chiefs Online product line will include exciting add-on modules that will allow players to experience the secretive world of submarines or fly the most advanced fighter aircraft.

About Joint Chiefs Online
In Joint Chiefs Online, players command U.S. or Russian warships against player- and computer-controlled aircraft, warships and submarines. Players choose to serve as radar, sonar, or electronic warfare operators as they face the realistic rules of engagement, naval assets, and challenges faced by today�s naval forces. Players for the blue forces serve aboard Aegis-equipped Arleigh Burke class destroyers and Ticonderoga-class cruisers. Players for the red forces serve on Slava class missile cruisers and Kara class cruisers.

About Intrepid Technologies
Intrepid Technologies is an innovative developer of defense simulations, software tools, and Combat Chat� technologies. Intrepid Technologies is also a developer/publisher of massive multi-player online games. The company�s games and defense-training courseware accurately replicate sophisticated combat environments utilizing team-based decision making. Products are built using the company�s proprietary software development toolkit Media Authoring System Toolkit� (MAST�). The company is led by veterans in their respective fields of computer gaming, defense simulations, authoring systems design, and marketing.

Posted by Directory of Games on June 27.

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