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NeHe Productions Acquired by GameDev.net

San Diego, CA � June 28, 2005 - GameDev.net, LLC, the leading online community for game developers, today announced the acquisition of NeHe Productions. NeHe (http://nehe.gamedev.net) will continue to operate as an independent website under the management of GameDev.net.

�NeHe is widely regarded as the top online destination for learning OpenGL and is a long standing partner of GameDev.net,� said GameDev.net CEO Kevin Hawkins. �When Jeff Molofee recently announced his intention to sell the site, we immediately recognized that an acquisition by GameDev.net would ensure that this invaluable resource would be preserved and continue to grow.�

Under the terms of the acquisition, GameDev.net gains ownership of all content assets and copyrights associated with the NeHe website and brand. Jeff Molofee is granted license of the website and its content for personal use.

�We recognize that NeHe has a unique community associated with it, so it will continue to operate as a separate site,� commented Dave Astle, Executive Producer and Executive Vice President of GameDev.net. �Although some changes will be made, we will continue to make NeHe�s tutorials and other information freely available. We will also be working to add new content to the site.�

About GameDev.net

GameDev.net (http://www.gamedev.net) is the leading online destination for game developers. Established in 1999, GameDev.net reaches an audience of over 300,000 game developers from all over the world and has been recommended in books, magazines, and television as the best resource on the Internet to learn about and keep up with the world of game development. Featuring nearly 2000 articles and tutorials, hundreds of book and product reviews, coverage of industry events, active community forums, daily industry news, job listings, and much more, GameDev.net serves all of your game development needs.

About NeHe Productions

NeHe Productions (http://nehe.gamedev.net) is the leading OpenGL resource focusing on the beginner- to intermediate-level programmer. With over 60 articles and tutorials, 100 downloads, and programming language conversions for most of the content, NeHe has been deemed by many as the premier resource for learning OpenGL and has received numerous accolades from teachers, students, and professionals alike.

Posted by Directory of Games on June 28.

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