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iQ 2.0 Released by Vicon.

Vicon, developer of motion capture technology, has released Vicon iQ 2.0, the newest version of its motion capture pipeline software.

Vicon iQ provides an interface with all of the tools needed to manage, automate, capture and process an entire production. With Version 2.0, Vicon iQ offers a real-time environment for setup, calibration and capture with Vicon's ultra high-resolution Vicon MX systems.

Key Vicon iQ 2.0 features include support for real-time capture with Vicon MX systems, including Vicon MX3, Vicon MX13 and the Vicon MX40 cameras; real-time set-up tools, camera optimization, calibration and diagnostics; support for unlimited camera counts to meet production demands with simultaneous full-body, facial and hand capture for multiple-actor capture; support for Timecode, Genlock and synchronization for studio integration; support for 10-bit grayscale for the most accurate marker identification; calibration, 3D reconstruction, kinematic labeling and processing algorithms; network licensing and automated batch processing.

Motion capture solutions from Vicon include high-resolution, high-frame-rate cameras built by Vicon specifically for motion tracking.

Posted by Gamasutra on June 28.

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