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Lands of Hope - Open Beta

Lands of Hope, a brand new game from the maker of Forlorn Hope: Online has now entered a new phase of testing - Open Beta.

The game has for the last 3 months been in closed Beta Testing with a handful of lucky Forlorn Hope: Online players and staff members getting to play the game before everyone else. The Servers have now been made public and are available to all to log in and play.

Lands of Hope is a Browser Based MMORPG with perhaps the most amount of features of any game in its Genre there are tons of things to do ranging from Fighting Monsters, taking quests (over 900), crafting items, visiting and exploring the tens of thousands of tiles, gathering resources or just learning more spells and styles than anyone else !

So what are you waiting for, signup for LoH and dont let everyone else have all the fun !

Visit http://www.fho2.com for more information and to signup/play.

Posted by Directory of Games on July 01.

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