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Lands of Hope -- Release Date Set

After a successful open beta that attracted hundreds of players Lands of Hope (http://www.fho2.com) would like to announce it is going gold.

On July 29 all existing beta characters will be wiped to allow everyone to have a fresh start in this vast story driven world.

Lands of Hope features many varied playfields for characters of all levels, a detailed craft system with thousands of items for the aspiring tradesman to create, along with a race and class evolution system that will allow player to chose from many specialized classes.

With a quest system featuring hundreds of quests there will be something for everyone.

If none of this interests you, then leave the relative safety of the Trollsgate server behind.

Watch your back and hold onto your coin purse as you step into the cut throat world of the Hellsgate server. Climb your way to the top over the bodies of your enemies. Lay siege to enemy territory as 2 allegiances vie for supremacy; remain neutral and amass a fortune; or join the undead horde of the Reapers and unleash chaos against all.

Visit http://www.fho2.com for more information and to signup to play.

Posted by Directory of Games on July 17.

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