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Early Release of Lands of Hope.

Today marks the early release of Lands of Hope, an epic, adventurous, and most of all, enjoyable RPG experience that is guaranteed to provide hours of fun for any and all participants! Under extensive development since its predecessor, Forlorn Hope, Lands of Hope creates an enthralling atmosphere unlike any other game available with comfortable community interaction, vast, exciting gameplay options, and epic histories available to each player of the game. No matter your style, the extensive meld of intense battles, 12 epic sized maps, 1000 levels, multitudes of skills and spells, crafting abilities, and helpful, enjoyable quests ensure that anyone can find their niche in the lands of Myzan. Bring over your swords and spells to www.fho2.com to get started, we'll gladly welcome you to our stunning community and see to it that your journies are always enveloping and varied. Hope to see you there!

Posted by Directory of Games on July 27.

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