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First Start Online 2 Released.

After a lenghy beta, the newest MMORPG from unFun Games has finally been released. Mac OS X and PC users can now continue the advertures they started with the original First Star Online. This new game contains all of the fast-paced action of the original, but now with a greater depth to character building and improved visuals.

FSO2 continues in the tradition of offering players a very quick and easy MMORPG experience. There are no bulky downloads, load times, or complicated controls. We believe that players should spend the bulk of their time playing the game. No other MMORPG makes it as easy to get involved with as FSO2 does.

Although we talk about simplicity when describing FSO2, don't be fooled into thinking this is a mindless action MMORPG. There are dozens of non-combat skills to master (fishing, lumberjacking, trap disarming, tailoring, shopkeeping, farming, blacksmithing, etc). There are many quests as well, including the new assassin's quest, where you may be given the name of a random player to assassinate for a reward. FSO2 is friendly on PVP as well as protective to those that don't want to PVP. You can play a game of capture the flag, checkers, paint pictures to share with other users, and many other great activities.

FSO2 also offers multiple servers you can play on, each offering a completely unique gaming experience. The world can change daily, without requiring any downloads.

You can download and play First Star Online 2 right now. What are you waiting for? Point your browser to http://www.firststaronline2.com

There are no sign-ups required. Simply download the game, make your character, then log in.

Posted by Directory of Games on October 01.

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