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Absolute III - Open for beta round.

Absolute III --Experience the next generation Text-based game.

Absolute III is currently open for the Beta round.

Absolute III introduces a new set of new features including:

Summons-- Each realm can initiate a summon trial to call upon a powerful creature in times of need. Absolute III offers three levels of summon, low, high and Ultimate.

Empire Unifications-- There are nine races and three Empires in Absolute III. Unification will take place around middle of the round. All race that are unified under this event can vote for an Emperor whose power far exceeds the conventional King. The Emperor will be guarded by an Ultimate hero.

Unique Appointment System-- As the King of the realm, you can appoint the most capable leaders to take care of the daily operations when the King is not online. Ranks such as Prime Minister, Grand Advisor and Military Generals can be appointed to lead the realm to success during critical times.

New Quest system-- The realm quest party is able to take on the most challenaging quests such as recruiting of legendary heroes, discovering ancient relics, gaining of hard-earned experiences and the latest addition, Killing of Summon.

We also have our own game community to discuss issues such as Web / Game development to help out people that are keen in developing their own game or web applications. Fame Points will be rewarded to members that contribute to the community.

Posted by Directory of Games on October 07.

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