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Utopia: The Age of Unity begins this week!

Swirve.com offers a wide array of services, but our most popular is easily the Utopia interactive game. Unmatched in popularity on the internet, Utopia offers a uniquely powerful, engaging, and interactive experience like no other. If you've never played -- or if you've been gone for a while -- now is the time to join in and see what thousands of people experience every single day! Just last age, our users totalled over 110 million minutes of playing time in just 3 months.

The new Age of Utopia begins on Tuesday October 11th, and now is the time to sign up (FREE!) and start interacting with the people you'll be working with over the coming weeks and months. Learn from others or just jump in and experiment with the options. Utopia involves politics, war, magic, subterfuge, and more!

Each Age, we offer a variety of changes to keep the game fresh and competitive. This age offers a variety of changes to the game, including expanded kingdom relations, changes to war, and more. We hope these changes will offer a unique new strategic environment that appeals to current and former players alike, creating a better and more exciting gaming environment than ever before!

Join today at http://games.swirve.com/utopia - we hope to see you as a part of the world's greatest online experience!

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Posted by Directory of Games on October 10.

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