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EyeToy: Operation Spy Confirmed for US.

Sony Computer Entertainment America confirmed today that it will bring the first story-based game using its digital camera EyeToy peripheral to North America. EyeToy: Operation Spy will release next month, and while it features a storyline, the game still uses the tried and true minigame focus that has made the previous games so popular and appealing.

Besides the story mode, the game also offers the ability to turn the EyeToy into a surveillance camera. You can catch intruders entering the room, saving the evidence or even setting off a pre-recorded alaram message. The practicality of this might be in question, unless you have a younger brother who always messes up your Madden.

Operation Spy will feature time-lapse and night-vision recording, as well as the ability to print the evidence with a USB printer. The title will be released on November 15th.

Posted by Directory of Games on October 11.

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