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Potential Virus for DS Owners.

A new Trojan virus that can cause trouble for Nintendo DS owners has been found online, masquerading as a pornographic application.

The virus, which has yet to be named, is embedded into an application that is used to view Japanese erotic drawings, better know as hentai. Once uploaded to the DS, it immediately ruins the system�s firmware, causing damage that can�t be reversed.

Basically, your system will be useless if this happens.

The PSP was also a recent target for hackers. Users wanting to �downgrade� the system software, to play downloadable games and run emulators, have been able to download an unofficial application which will revert the system to its original settings. However, hackers took advantage of this, putting out another version that would ruin the handheld system.

Posted by Directory of Games on October 12.

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