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Surrogate Interactive Announces Brutal

October 12th, 2005 - Surrogate Interactive announces innovative action packed fighting game for PC.

"Brutal will be unlike any fighting game experience you have ever played before! ...We're creating a game that blends your typical fighting game experience such as Mortal Kombat or Soul Calibur with that of your typical First Person Shooter like Quake or Half-Life." said Peter Ryan, CEO, Surrogate Interactive and Brutal Project Lead.
"With any fighting game that is currently on the market, players are forced to share a single camera which limits screen movement. Also, you're typically only able to fight in one on one battles. With Brutal we plan to change all that. Each player will have their own independent and fully controllable camera that will allow them to move freely around the 3D battlegrounds as well as opening up the ability to fight more than one person at a time."

Brutal will support up to 24 players in one battleground (arena) each with their own unique fighting style and moves that is typical of every fighting game.

"We're also trying to mix things up a bit in terms of Fighter selection and abilities." says Ryan, "A lot of fighting games like to imbue fighters with 'magical abilities' such as fireball attacks and recycle character types with Ken and Ryu or Scorpion and Sub-Zero characters. With Brutal we're trying to make the fighters as original and varied as possible while mostly keeping the fighting abilities to a "strength and skill" based system rather than magic; though we do have some of that as well. Fighters include everything from Cyborgs and Witches to Aliens and Amazonian Queens. We've even thrown in a few mounted characters to make things even more interesting."

Tied together with a compelling story of an omniscient being who grows bored of his god-like powers and decides to play around with some simple mortals, (similar to the episodes of Star Trek featuring Q) Brutal is one new modification you definitely won't want to miss!

Posted by Directory of Games on October 12.

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