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Capcom releases Without Warning.

Appropriately enough, Capcom skipped any mention of its third-person shooter Without Warning going gold and jumped straight into announcing its release. Now available in stores, the Xbox and PlayStation 2 game was developed by Circle Studio, the UK team made up of former members of Lara Croft-creators Core Design.

"This global deal marks the first time Capcom has published a title from a European developer," said Hiroshi Tobisawa, president of Capcom Entertainment, Inc. and president of CE Europe. "As Circle Studio's first title, Without Warning is momentous for both parties and complements Capcom's own internally developed product line."

Gamers who find 24, a television show that sees Agent Jack Bauer fighting terrorism in two dozen hours, suspenseful, can double the suspense by halving the time in Without Warning. The action shooter pits six different characters against terrorists trying to control a US chemical plant over the course of a mere 12 hours.

Throughout the game, players will shift control of half a dozen characters, ranging from an experienced combat specialist determined to stop the enemy to a terrified secretary who just wants to make it out alive. Each character will be integral to unraveling the game's story, and their progress affects the progress of others.

Without Warning is rated M for Mature and retails for $39.99.

Posted by Directory of Games on November 01.

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