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Tornadia Wars Enters Second Beta.

Tornadia Wars has just entered the second beta stage. After over a month back in the development stage, Tornadia Wars is back with a lot of more features such as:
* Research - this strategic element requires you to carefully choose what to research next - what technologies are really necessary for your domination
* Politics - each player votes which player to choose as president of the country, and the one with most votes becomes the president
* Treasury - each country now has its own treasury. Players can donate resources to the treasury, and president can choose who to give the resources to
* World Market - rule the world economy!
* World News - check out the latest events in the world; check out who attacked your friend and avenge his death!
* Scores - check out the best players in the game
* Private Messaging - send private messages
* Forum - discuss the game on the forum
* Bugfixes - certain bugs have been fixed
* ... and more!

Posted by Directory of Games on November 06.

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