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Konami Ships Odd Couple.

Konami is making a bid for the dollars of two very different demographics today with the release of Karaoke Revolution Party for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube and Suikoden Tactics for the PSP.

For the social gamer who firmly believes in the old adage "the more, the merrier," Karaoke Revolution Party brings with it twice as many opportunities to embarrass oneself in front of friends as any other Revolution game yet. The new sing and dance mode injects Dance Dance Revolution-style gameplay into the Karaoke Revolution formula, calling on gamers to work the soft shoe while hitting the high notes. The game also boasts the largest soundtrack yet for the series, with more than 50 songs, expanded multiplayer modes, and support for console-specific features, like the PS2's EyeToy and song downloads through Xbox Live.

For a more solitary gaming experience, gamers can pick up Suikoden Tactics, a turn-based departure from the popular Suikoden line of role-playing games. The style of gameplay isn't the only departure from series tradition. Whereas previous games let players recruit from 108 characters to bring into battle, Suikoden Tactics has a cast of more than 70 characters, only 50 or so of which can be brought into battle.

However, the game is still grounded in the Suikoden universe, as it will feature a number of characters returning from previous Suikoden games. Konami has also promised that the game will shed new light on the events of Suikoden IV. Over the course of the game's 25 scenarios, players can merge characters' abilities with the combination attack system, take advantage of the terrain in new ways with the ground elemental system, and customize their characters' skills and weapons.

Karaoke Revolution Party is rated E for Everyone and is available with a microphone for $54.99 or on its own for $39.99. Suikoden Tactics is rated T for Teen and retails for $39.99. A limited number of Suikoden Tactics copies will come with a music CD featuring rearranged songs from previous Suikoden games. For more, check out GameSpot's previous coverage of both Karaoke Revolution Party and Suikoden Tactics.

Posted by Gamespot on November 08.

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