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Virtual Online Wrestling

VOW in theory: as player you control one or more virtual wrestlers. Youlet them fight other wrestlers, participate in tournaments, hire trainers, and learn more moves.

VOW put into practice: a community of a few thousand people wrestling each other, forming stables and teams, arranging events, and role-playing in a deep and awesome way.

The VOW Administration has recently made some drastic reforms to increase the efficiency of the fast-growing wrestling organization. They installed leagues, officialized and reorganized stables and tag teams, and allowed and regularized many more moves. The crowd and the athletes all gave positive responses to these changes.

When you, as a new wrestler, have just received your VOW ID, you will have to fight in the LAW, the League of Amateur Wrestlers. You'll get money, experience, and fame by fighting matches, money you can spend on hospital costs, trainers, and advanced moves. Fame means nothing physically, but makes you more important in the community and makes people get more money for fighting you! Experience increases will allow you to learn moves easier and to perfect your skills further.

You can join a stable and participate in tournaments and fight ladder and cage matches besides the normal singles. You can form tagteams to wrestle against other teams. When the Administration deems you ready you may be promoted to a higher league. As you promote you can buy more moves, earn more money and fight in more tournaments.

So, have fun, challenge others and fight!

Posted by Thorondor on July 2.

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