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Bustarion: Round 16

A new round of Bushtarion, the free strategy game where you go to war against gardening companies using ninjas, robots, thugs, protestors and the military, is about to start ticking this Friday the 11th November.

There are a huge number of changes, the biggest ones being a whole new account management system, and importantly, bounty hunting! Dishonourable players all get bounties put on their heads, which other players can claim by attacking them and killing their men staff. Many other changes have been made from small balancing changes to fun easter eggs hidden around the game.

It's always good to be playing a round from the beginning, but even if you miss the start day of ticks don't worry, there's nothing stopping you from claiming a number 1 spot! And even if you can't manage a top rank in final scores, then perhaps you could be the number 1 bounty hunter or one of the other ranks available in the game to chase! Bushtarion's all about finding your own fun and playing the way you want to play!


Posted by Azzer on November 10.

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