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PvP Experience Gains Added to Shadowbane.

Shadowbane is considered by many to be the premiere Player-versus-Player (PvP) massively multiplayer online game (MMOG). In the December Content Patch, we will be implementing a feature that many have been asking for since they first heard of Shadowbane: Experience gains granted from Player-vs.-Player combat!

Players who engage in combat with others and succeed may be granted experience. Note the word �may�. There are some stipulations that must be met before such rewards are granted. First and foremost, players under Rank 4 (Level 40) neither grant nor gain experience from PvP; this is considered an elder game system only. Worry not, though, that isn�t the only rule.

When you kill someone, a variety of checks are done. Aside from the level checks, the system ensures that the player who was killed is not in the same nation or guild as the player who could potentially be rewarded. Then they will check to make sure that the player is not Errant; an Errant is a player who has not nation nor guild affiliation. While killing an errant character may award experience, errant players themselves gain none from PvP. Wait, there is more!

Next the system checks to verify if the character killed had a Deathshroud effect prior to being killed. If so, no experience gains are granted. Finally, it will see if the player being potentially rewarded has been granted experience in the last hour for the same individual. If so, again, no experience will be rewarded. This will not add on to that timer, though.

Sounds like a lot of checks to do but, luckily, it�s the server doing this and not the players so it will run much quicker. If all of those checks go through, then the player is granted experience! But how much? Well, that depends on the level difference between the players.

This works much like the Player-vs.-Environment system. If both players are within an appropriate level range of each other (and over Level 40), and the above checks are cleared, experience will be granted. If the character being rewarded is too far above the other one, though, experience gains will be minimal and could be even zero (0). If the other character is too far above the rewarded character�s level, the gains will be capped. And should the rewarded character be grouped, it will fall under the same rules as granted group experience and all members of that group will have the same checks performed on them.

Once this system is active, it will tie into another existing system and Hot Zones will definitely become more �hot�! Should a player be rewarded for winning a fight against another one in a Hot Zone, they will be granted double experience!

This is not the only system being implemented in the December Content Patch, though! Stay tuned next week for our next announcement about the upcoming patch!

Posted by Directory of Games on November 17.

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