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Otronicon Gaming & Simulation Event Announced.

Orlando Science Center (OSC) has announced that it is launching Otronicon, a 10-day exploration of electronic gaming and simulation, planned for January 20-29, 2006 in Orlando, Florida.

The event plans to entertain guests with multiple levels of activity, including displays, games, competitions, seminars and demonstrations that bridge the gap between video games and the simulation industry. The event will also include a national Halo 2 tournament, a PC LAN party, plus a modding workshop from Digital Media Alliance Florida, and content from the Joint Advanced Distributed Learning Co-Laboratory of the Department of Defense.

Orlando Science Center President and CEO Dr. Brian Tonner commented of the announcement: "OSC's mission is to increase awareness and understanding of science and technology as they relate to everyday life. Video games provide an attractive entry for this discussion. Otronicon will be a showcase for Orlando's role in the digital media industry as it relates to the fields of government, education, defense and entertainment."

More information on the event will be available in the near future via the Orlando Science Center website.

Posted by Gamasutra on November 17.

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