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TOTALGAMING.NET Expanded with BS Hacker Replay.

Plymouth, MI- (November 18, 2005) � Stardock Entertainment today released the unique hacking simulation game BS Hacker Replay - Unlimited at TotalGaming.net. The latest in a string of innovative titles released via Stardock�s online game-distribution system, BS Hacker thrusts players into the underground realm of the hacker, where they must use cunning and skill to progress through various thrilling adventures.

Developed by ExoSyphen Studios, BS Hacker Replay � Unlimited features 23 levels divided into 5 immersive and complex episodes. With a complete hacker console and interface and believable scenarios, players will wonder if this is real, or indeed just a game. Featuring complex modding capabilities, the game allows players to create their own unique levels and missions, modify existing ones or enjoy those created by the enthusiast community. BS Hacker Replay - Unlimited includes additional mods, levels and add-ons, a free BS Hacker screensaver, a complex command console with over 20 commands and tools and more.

BS Hacker Replay - Unlimited can be purchased for just $19.95, or the discounted price of 2 tokens ($13.98 equivalent) for those with a TotalGaming.net membership. For more information, visit http://totalgaming.stardock.com/games/?id=bsh

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 98/Me/2000/XP, 300 MHz Processor, 64MB RAM, 25 MB Hard Drive Space, DirectX 7.0 or better

About Stardock:

Stardock is the world's leading developer of Windows enhancement utilities. Its software is used by over 10 million people worldwide and has been licensed by trendsetting companies like nVidia, ATI, Alienware and Microsoft, plus in movies and TV. Stardock operates WinCustomize.com, the premier portal for Windows enhancement drawing more than 3 million unique visitors each month, in addition to one of the world's largest blogging communities, JoeUser.com, where the company provides a popular freeware blog-reading program called Blog Navigator. Stardock is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner. The company�s website is located at www.stardock.com.

About TotalGaming.net:

TotalGaming.net is Stardock�s revolutionary online game-distribution service, where gamers can purchase and download dozens of titles, including the company's own award-winning games like Galactic Civilizations and 2004's The Political Machine, as well as many other premium first- and third-party PC games.

Posted by Directory of Games on November 18.

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