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HaloDreams acquires Ascension: The Fire Orchid

The small, growing community of Halo Dreams is now home to Ravenslight Game's Ascension: The Fire Orchid and with it a few changes have occured. Working together with the admin of Halo Dreams, the site has undergone a completely new look and feel are but a few changes to the site. Ascension: The Fire Orchid has undergone an evolutionary jump and now offers players, new and old, a new way to look at browser-based strategy games.

"Kieran" has worked for the last year on this update to his game and is definately glad to see his dream come true. "The game, like most games of its kind, was completely text-based. No real imagination or strategy was needed if you figured out the ratios. But with this new update, people are going to have to actually think."

What Kieran is talking about is the new 2-D map that now reveals the entire landscape of the world of Ascension, including the lava-filled Abyss. Characters must travel from a faith-specific starting location with enough resources to build a single city and from there, they choose where their city is located and what purpose it serves. After their city is constructed, they can venture out with massive armies to find other players and conquer them.

"I admit its a hard thing for most players to get a hang of. Going from a text-based to this is quite a jump for them." Though the game is still mostly text-based, this game will need for most players to think out of the traditional.

We of HaloDreams.com wish to welcome all new players in exploring this updated game and joining our gaming community.

Posted by Kieran on November 21.

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