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Reports of Xbox 360 bugs, crashes, and errors.

Numerous reports of Xbox 360 system crashes, hard drive failures, game bugs, and other technical problems have begun to surface. And while Microsoft refuses to comment specifically on these issues, consumers are left to find their own solutions.

By far, the most widely reported problem with Xbox 360 consoles are system crashes. As the actual cause it not completely certain, usually a crash is due to overheating. The Xbox 360 is, at its core, a gaming PC. And, just as in a computer, the processor needs air and ventilation. Consumers have been able to minimize crashing by placing the Xbox 360 console in a well-ventilated area.

But, one can't help but wonder if the Xbox 360 was released too soon. Microsoft sure doesn't think so, and, judging by its sellout first week, most gamers would probably agree. But as reports of crashes and other technical issues begin to surface, one would have to question exactly what is going on.

Even if the Xbox 360 were to be treated like a PC, it is being sold as a console to the console audience. Consumers are going to want to hide the unit, as well as the bulky power supply, so there needn't be a big compromise here.

Microsoft says that these problems are a "very, very small fraction" of units sold. But, if you are experiencing one or more of these issues, try to keep your Xbox 360 as ventilated and as cool as possible. Give it air, let it breathe, and turn it off whenever possible.

Posted by GamePro on November 29.

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