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Activision Acquires Spider-Man til 2017.

Activision announced today that it has secured the rights to make games based on Spider-Man movies and TV shows through 2017. This means you'll probably be playing Activision Spider-Man games on your PlayStation 5. Activision also recently secured the rights to all of the Marvel comic book properties through 2017.

"This agreement allows Activision to continue bringing our own brand of interactive magic and vision to this unique, evergreen property and to build on the success we have already achieved with the Spider-Man movies," said Mike Griffith, President and CEO, Activision Publishing, Inc. "Games based on this phenomenally successful property bring the film's popular characters to life and allow consumers to extend their experience with original missions and additional Marvel characters beyond those of the Spider-Man movies."

Activision has quickly been gobbling up licenses to animated films from Dreamworks, as well as the Marvel comics and films, to go with its original properties such as Call of Duty. While sometimes licensed games aren't the greatest, Activision's titles have been well-reviewed and commercially successful. Sounds like there will be plenty more where that came from in the next 12 years.

Posted by Directory of Games on November 30.

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