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Computer Games Magazine Gets Digital Version.

U.S. multi-format game magazine Computer Games Magazine, which is published by the media division of theglobe.com, has announced that the magazine is now available in digital subscription form, with a sample issue fragment already available.

The digital subscription service will be available to subscribers through the Zinio Reader, a digital magazine solution also used by game-related companies such as Ziff Davis. Computer Games Magazine is downloaded directly on subscribers' desktops. Consumers can read each issue online or offline.

According to the Digital Publishing Report, an industry-wide study of the category, digital publishing has grown at a rapid pace. From June 2004 to June 2005, digital magazines experienced 56 percent growth in circulation; 70 percent growth in deliveries; and 56 percent growth in the number of titles. Additionally, during the same period, digital publishing grew even faster outside the U.S. with 107 percent growth in circulation; 73 percent growth in deliveries; and 138 percent growth in number of titles.

"Our readers are avid gamers and already spend a large amount of their time online playing games, reading reviews, or buying and selling games, so this is an opportunity to deliver the magazine in a more accessible way and also to grow our fan base." said Jayson Dubin, vice president and publisher of Computer Games Magazine.

Posted by Gamasutra on February 02.

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