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Skill Extreme Seeking Beta Testers.

Skill Extreme is the ground breaking new skill gaming arena designed for players eager for an extreme challenge. Why gamble against the house on games of luck when you can play, win, and have fun with games that require REAL skill? Play against people next door or on the other side of the world - you select the game and opponents to take up your challenge!

With Skill Extreme you can not only gain the immense satisfaction that comes with beating your rivals, and challenge your way to the top of the ranks, but also WIN money as you do so.

Currently pre-registering gamers online (www.skillextreme.com), Skill Extreme entered the final beta testing phase this month offering a limited number of competitors that pre-register exclusive content access, 100 FREE tokens and preferential opportunities to preview new games first.

The Skill Extreme gaming platform offers gamers a unique experience in skill-based challenges to go head-to-head on a real time game platform � the better you play, the more you stand to win. The platform will include a line up of classic and traditional games (Ship Battle, Ro Sham Bo and Chess) and several new and riveting games (ACROmania and Octoneuro) to challenge, excite and reward gamers. Most games will feature regular free-roll and money tournaments, alongside the single player progressive games which will be generating large cash pools for prizes.

Skill Extreme offers players a refreshing change from the multitude of gambling and browser based gaming sites now available on the Internet. Skill games are games where the outcome of a game is determined by the individual skill of each player. Unlike casino games (or other games of chance), you never play against the house, and your odds of winning are directly related to your level of skill in that game.

The games offered by Skill Extreme are not just games of skill, but as the name suggests, games of Extreme Skill. Skill Extreme's gaming technology provides an intuitive way for players to climb the ranks. In doing so, players gain �XP�, or Experience Points, which are earned every time a player wins a game, plays in a progressive or places in the top ranks of a tournament.

Skill Extreme will hold tournaments and have special game rooms where only players within a specific XP level range can play, thereby providing players with an opportunity to play against people within their own skill level.

A distinctive advantage over other online gaming competitors is that Skill Extreme operates on the SkillPlay Gaming Platform (developed by season5gaming). Season5Gaming also does not 'skillify' existing games of chance, and will only ever offer its players true skill based games. The platform was chosen primarily to ensure that players would experience 99.9% uptime, seamless gaming and community environments, safe and secure financial transactions. Over and above this, the platform offers infinite scalability solutions, excellent response times under heavy loads and a roadmap of upcoming games that would entice any would-be operator.

Skill Extreme guarantees that there is no freeware or spyware in their software, and will provide a secure environment for gamers to play. What�s more, and in contrast to online gambling sites, Skill Extreme is not gambling according to UK and US law.

Make sure you register with Skill Extreme today and become part of what is expected to be one of the largest online communities in the gaming world.

Posted by MPOGD on February 10.

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