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The Utopian Genesis restarts on Thursday!

The Utopian Genesis is the experimental server for our popular Utopia interactive webgame. Allowing users to try some new rules, play with new teammates, and experience a unique gaming environment, the Genesis allows us to test potential new ideas for the game.

The newest and most highly anticipated Genesis round will begin Thursday, February 16th - users can start signing up today and organizing with their new kingdoms!

This round features completely new and unique races for the first time in ages. For information about the unique rules, click on the "Learn about the Genesis Server" link on the Login and Account Creation screens. Please note that users do not stay with their kingdoms in this game - ALL players will need to create a new account.

We hope you'll take opportunity to try the new Genesis and give us your feedback on the new game. Join at http://games.swirve.com/utopia - we hope to see you as a part of the world's greatest online experience!

Thank you,
Swirve.com Games

Posted by Directory of Games on February 14.

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