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No PS3 pre-orders?

According to a forum post, by Bapenguin.

"I was at my local EB Games yesterday picking up my copy of Brain Age and decided to ask about pre-ordering a Playstation 3. Knowing that Sony only plans to ship 1 million worldwide at launch, I figured I'd better smack the beans down now rather than later. I wanted to avoid a 360 fiasco at all costs. Unfortunately... so did EB Games.

You see, EB smartened up. At my local store they took over 140 preorders for the 360. It took 4 months to fill all those preorders. After they were told by corporate to expect no more than 3-5 Sony PS3's on launch day, they decided to not do a preorder program for the Playstation 3. From what I understand, this is an EB Games/Gamestop corporate policy. I'm curious to hear if anybody does have a preorder in anywhere, and if so where? From the looks of it already, the PS3 is going to be even harder to obtain at launch than the XBox 360. Who knows though, a lot can happen in 6 months."

Posted by Bapenguin. on April 19.

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