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Eternal Duel's 2nd Birthday - Celebration Week

On May 16th, ED will have its second birthday.

To celebrate, there will be some changes for one week, starting on that day.

Energy will be given out at the rate of 2 every 5 minutes. This works out to 576 energy a day. An "energy cap" will be introduced for the week - you wont be able to hold more than 600 energy at a time. Energy tokens will not work during the week. Normal energy effects of minor and main reset will not apply - your energy wont be halfed at main reset and neither reset will add to your energy. The other functions of the resets will remain normal.

The lotto jackpot will hold a value 3 times its normal value. Each player who logs on during the week will receive 5 tickets automatically (once off), though it could be a good idea to buy a few more ;)

Unlimited duels will be allowed for the duration of the week, but you can only duel a particular player 3 times during each day (this is to prevent this feature becoming annoying).

Posted by DarkCell on May 10.

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