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Droid Arena Offers Free Season

For the first time since beta testing closed several years ago DroidArena (www.droidarena.net) is offering a free season with all players having full privileges. It was decided to offer the new season to introduce a new generation of players to the world of corporate battle. With a little advice from the old masters even the greenest grasshopper can prevail over time.

In the future chaos reigns, the world government is weak and corporations are the only entities with sufficient resources to battle and conquer cities. However, battle is restricted to formal arenas and fought by unmanned bots programmed by their corporate masters.

Program your own bot or beg, borrow, or steal a script from your friends and enemies and then plot your strategy and set your bot out on its collision course with destiny. Will it survive the laser fire to emerge victorious or end up a burning, smashed hulk? There is only one way to find out. Visit www.droidarena.net

Posted by Directory of Games on May 10.

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